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Thank you for joining me at the School Committee Candidates Forum
Tuesday September 2, 2008, 6-8PM Buttonwoods Community Center

(sponsored by the Warwick Beacon)

I would encourage Parents, Teachers, Students, Administration, Support staff, current School Committee Members and all citizens of Warwick to send me an email so I know your feelings about what is important in our schools and also where you think waste is occurring. The last thing I want to do is make cuts to programs without the proper input from all the stakeholders in our community.

The questions to be asked of all candidates are as follows:

1. The state Board of Regents is examining a change in high school graduation requirements that would equally weight grades earned while in high school with completion of a senior project, known as graduation by proficiency and performance in a one-day state-run test. Do you feel this is a fair measure for evaluating a student’s performance?
My Answer to Question 1.

2. As has been reported, the school department has entered the current budget year facing a projected $4 million deficit. It appears trimming such an amount from operating expenses can’t be done without affecting personnel and as a result programs. What programs would you cut, or how else would you balance the budget?
My Answer to question 2.

3. As you know, more than 60 cents of each Warwick Property tax dollar goes to the School Department, yet neither the Mayor nor the city council that set the overall city budget and tax rate have a say on how schools spend the money. And, as we have learned, schools can overspend their budget requiring the city to pay the deficit. Do you think the system needs to be changed and how?
My Answer to Question 3.