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My Story

I am a proud father of 3 girls. My oldest daughter attends Adrich Jr High and my two younger daughters attend John Brown Francis elementary school.

My wife, Susan J. (Lowney) Maloney grew up in Warwick. We met in High School and have been together since 1987. We married in 1993 while I was serving in the US Army. We lived in Anchorage, Alaska while I was stationed at Fort Richardson. We both attended the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

We returned to RI for a short time and then moved to CT for work. We returned to be closer to family after our first daughter was born. We have been permanent residents of Warwick since 2000.

I was an instructor at Gibbs College for over 6 years. I taught computer networking. I worked for a private company teaching technology for 2 years until I left to open a Computer Technology company right here in Warwick. My company is called DrDesktop. Shortly after opening DrDesktop Technology Solutions, I opened another company in Warwick called Game On! DrDesktop specializes in Home and Small Business technology solutions. Game On! is a local game store that provides strategy games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yugioh and Miniature Model Games from Games Workshop and Privateer Press. Miniature games allow people to build, paint and play with friends in a safe and friendly environment. Game On! does not carry video games, it is a hobby shop.

I am very involved in my daughters’ school lives. I was the Accelerated Learning Activities Program (ALAP) PTA president.
One of the reasons I came forward to run for school committee in 2008 was because of the way it seemed to me the school committee was handling the creation of the New Report Card. I wanted to making sure that they were thorough with the creation of a document that would affect every child at every school. This document would follow the children throughout their school life. It could even mean a financial difference later to a family whose child needs financial aid or is applying for a scholarship. It was not ready to be used in the schools and it seemed to me that it was being pushed forward regardless of issues that needed to be addressed.

I wanted the school committee to listen and to postpone the report card until it had been evaluated by the parents and teachers and to make it something that we could all understand. I wanted it to be something we could use as a tool to guide our children. It seemed to me to be put together by everyone other than those that would be using it. It took a lot of emails but the report card was put on hold and I am glad the committee did take the time to recognize the fact that it needed more work. Within a week, I decided to run for Joyce Andrade's open seat on the School Committee.

Since being on the committee I have focused on listening to Parents, teachers and students. I want to make sure I have all the information nessessary to make well informed decisions. I have been the member of the School Committee to attend the Parent Communication Advisory Committee (PCAC) meetings and I report back to the committee on issues that arrise from the meetings. I also attend the Warwick Special Education Advisory Committee Meetings and I am a board member of VOWS, Volunteers of Warwick Schools.

I spend a lot of time each month gathering as much information as I can and have helped communication grow at multiple levels to make the schools a better place for Parents and Students to get information. I am constantly asking for the Wawick Schools Website to be updated and would like it to be a center piece for communication. I will continue to push for better communication in our schools.